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In 1988 Morning Light filled the air in Helena, Montana with the aroma of freshly roasted coffees, a pleasure never experienced by these natives. Due to quality coffees, expert roasting and brewing, and of course, the outstanding service, Morning Light's popularity grew among all groups,

young and old.

By 1989, a warehouse roasting facility/coffee house had opened in Great Falls, MT. This was the beginning of what is now the largest Mike and Juan wholesale/retail specialty coffee business in the state of Montana. By 1990, specialty coffee had grown in Montana to include espresso shops in not only large towns, but also the sparsely populated ones. (And if you've ever been to Montana, you would know that a town is two or more people with at least one bar!)

During this rapid growth we continued to extend our services to not only retail and wholesale, but to every avenue of the specialty coffee business. Additional services included consulting, distributing high-quality espresso and brewing equipment, servicing offices and businesses, and distributing quality gourmet syrups. Order some Morning Light Coffee today and taste coffee the way that it was meant to be enjoyed!!


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